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Welcome to Shenzhen Alkenealkyne Material Co. Ltd, your one-stop solution for cost-effective and optimized supply chain management in interventional, surgical, and professional medical equipment design, development, and manufacturing process using auxiliary materials. Currently we mainly focus on peelable FEP shrink tube, polyolefin shrink tube ect. 

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This company is a game-changer in the medical device market especially in the intervention device auxillary materials like peelable FEP and polyolefin shrink tube, providing cost-saving solutions and optimizing the supply chain.

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Our team at Shenzhen alkenealkyne material Co.Ltd. is dedicated to providing high-quality, localized products to our customers in the medical equipment industry.

Hermann wang

With over 15 years of experience in the medical industry, my expertise lies in strategic planning and business development to drive growth and profitability for our company.

Annie Hofstadter

As a seasoned engineer with more than 20 years of experience in product development and quality control, I am dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of excellence in our manufacturing processes and materials.

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Our commitment to becoming an integrated single partner helps our customers save costs and optimize their supply chain, while providing high-quality auxiliary materials for their interventional, surgical, and professional medical equipment needs.

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